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The San Fulgencio City Council reduces its average payment period to suppliers to five days in 2020


  • The Consistory manages to go from 18 days to pay its suppliers at the beginning of the year to 5 days on average at the end of the current quarter

The San Fulgencio City Council has managed to reduce its average payment period to suppliers by one year, reducing it from the eighteen days that were necessary in the first quarter of the year for the City Council to make this payment, to the five days necessary in the news, as announced today by the councilor for the municipality’s Finance, David Vives. “We went from taking more than half a month to meet our financial obligations to our suppliers, to doing so in just four days in the second quarter of the year,” explained the mayor. “Now, a quarter later, the City Council takes only five days to comply with this payment obligation once the invoice is processed”, Vives added, “a very significant data that shows how, having been able to maintain said reduction , very good conclusions are thrown on the economic management of this City Council and its priorities when it comes to allocating the money of all citizens ”.

The councilor has also indicated that it has been during this quarter when a new amortization of municipal financial debt has been carried out with the cancellation of two loans made with banks for a value of 416,869.08 euros and that it was approved unanimously in the Municipal Plenary extraordinary last October. This amortization is in addition to that carried out in August, in which 566,248 euros of budget surplus were allocated to the termination of two other loans, and that carried out at the end of 2019, with a reduction of about 761,462 euros. In this way, since the beginning of the legislature there has been a reduction in municipal debt of 86%, reaching 2,451,139.74 euros.

For his part, the mayor of San Fulgencio, José Sampere, highlighted the effort made by the government team to keep municipal accounts as healthy as possible. The first mayor has stated that “with the cancellation of debt in advance, with a considerable reduction in the average payment to suppliers, and with the financial aid established by the City Council for the self-employed and SMEs of the municipality”, it shows “the good economic management being carried out by this government team, focused on efficiency and budget balance in order to provide the basic services our citizens need ”.