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In San fulgencio not only the most traditional festivals are celebrated, such as the festivities for the patrons San Antón and San Fulgencio (January 16 and 17) and their patron saint, Virgen del Remedio (October 7), where we find the typical processions, parade of floats and fireworks. But there are also in August the festivities of the Peace of the urbanizations, where the parties have a more international scope, showing the intercultural reality of the municipality.

HOLY WEEK 2020 (pdf)

HOLY WEEK 2020 (pdf) LA SEMANA SANTA DE SAN FULGENCIO , UNA MUESTRA DE NUESTRA FE Y NUESTRA CULTURA. Presentamos la Revista de Semana Santa, un acto previo al inminente comienzo de la Semana Santa, que, lamentablemente y a consecuencia de la tragedia que todos estamos...

San Fulgencio and San Antonio Abad

San Fulgencio and San Antonio Abad

In January San Fulgencio celebrates its festivities in honor of its patron, of the same name, and its co-patron, San Antonio Abad. They are festivals that are characterized by a marked religious component, with the processions in honor of the two Saints on the 16th...