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San Fulgencio approves the budget for the financial year 2023 in the Municipal Plenary Session


  • The budget amounts to almost 9.5 million euros, of which more than 370,000 euros will be dedicated to investment both in the city centre and in the Urbanisations

The San Fulgencio Town Council has approved today, in an extraordinary session of the Municipal Plenary, its draft budget for the year 2023. The document totals 9,479,640 euros. “A budget that we can say that exceeds that of previous years, adjusted and balanced, and in which we are going to allocate about 370,000 euros to make important investments for the town,” said the mayor of San Fulgencio, José Sampere.

In this way, the council plans to spend 59,000 euros to reform the municipal Archaeological Museum, “an action that was badly needed for a long time, which will allow us to put in value and the history of San Fulgencio,” said Sampere. The mayor added that these actions “will allow us to develop the museum project that the rich heritage of our archaeological sites deserves and offer a new opportunity for visitors to get to know the municipality”.

Another of the most important investments is the renovation and installation of traffic cameras in the municipality, for which 55,000 euros have been earmarked. The acquisition of these eight new cameras, equipped to read and identify vehicle number plates, “will serve to increase security in the municipality, by providing valuable information to local police officers,” said Sampere. This section also includes the renovation of the 26 surveillance cameras currently installed in public buildings in San Fulgencio.

The government team will also devote more than 68,000 euros to renovating streets, asphalting and improving signposting in the municipal area, both in the town centre and in the urbanisation area. Citizens will also have new furniture in the municipal buildings, including the social centre in the urbanisations and the civic centre in the town centre, the tourist office, the study room and training room, the sports facilities and the educational centres, with an investment of 13,000 euros. This section is completed with 12,000 euros to install an advertising sign with the name of the municipality at the entrance to it, “as a distinctive sign that stands out when entering the town,” said Sampere.

The rest of the budget allocates 3,847,572 euros to personnel expenses, and 3,818,118 euros to current expenses. With regard to financial assets, 600 euros will be earmarked for financial expenses such as interest and amortisation. Also of note are the 1,124,750 euros in the section on current transfers, from the different subsidies granted to the Town Hall. In short, the mayor has indicated that “this is a very complete project that includes those actions that we have considered a priority to improve San Fulgencio and the daily lives of our neighbours”.