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San Fulgencio Local Police will use a mobile radar to improve road safety


The agents receive the necessary training to use this device that will control the maximum speed of vehicles in the town

San Fulgencio Town Council will improve road safety in the municipality through the use of mobile radar devices. The Local Police have acquired a ‘Velolaser’ type speed measuring device to carry out their traffic control work in the municipality and monitor the maximum speed of vehicles on the streets. The Mayor and Councillor for Safety of San Fulgencio, José María Ballester, said that this initiative “will allow us to carry out a more exhaustive surveillance of traffic and reduce the risk of accidents”.

As pointed out by the chief inspector of the Local Police, Cristóbal Rodríguez, the main advantage of this ‘Veloláser’ equipment is that it is “a very versatile device, as it can be installed on a motorbike, in the patrol car, or on a tripod at street level, which facilitates its itinerant use by officers for speed control in different parts of the town, both in the town centre and in the urbanisation area”.

The use of these devices is a response to the requests of some residents “who have observed infractions at specific points where vehicles exceeded the maximum speed limit,” said Rodríguez. Local police officers have received the necessary training over the last few days to start using them very soon, which “will make San Fulgencio a safer town in terms of road safety”, said José María Ballester.