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The Municipal Plenary of the San Fulgencio Town Council appoints José María Ballester as mayor


The local government will be made up of the five PP councillors and two PIPN councillors, while the six PSOE councillors will go into opposition

The head of the Partido Popular list in the elections of 28 May, José María Ballester, was appointed Mayor of San Fulgencio today at the Municipal Plenary Session of the inauguration of the Municipal Corporation for the 2023-2027 term of office. The new mayor was elected with the affirmative votes of the elected councillors of the Partido Popular and Partido Independiente por las Nacionalidades (PIPN), while the six councillors of the PSOE, who now form the opposition to the municipal government, voted for their candidate, the incumbent mayor, José Sampere.

The new municipal government will be made up of five councillors from the Partido Popular and two from the PIPN. The PP is headed by the mayor, José María Ballester Sansano, who is accompanied by Sara Nolasco Aldeguer, Paulino Herrero Cifuentes, Laura Bernabé Menárguez and Beatriz Sánchez Hidalgo. The two elected councillors from the PIPN are Rosario Mejías de Dios and Alain Franz Vanderbergen. The opposition is made up of José Sampere Ballester, Francisco Manuel Molero Ortiz, Samantha Jayne Hull, Ana María Villena Gómez, Darren Parmenter and Alfredo Villanueva Cámara.

The mayor of San Fulgencio thanked the residents for their support at the polls and said that “we want each and every one of the inhabitants of San Fulgencio, in the main town, urbanisations, neighbourhoods and scattered houses, regardless of their nationality, race or religion, to feel it as their town and have full confidence and conviction that we are going to improve the organisation of social life”. The delegations of the government team will be distributed at a forthcoming plenary session.