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The City Council of San Fulgencio incorporates two new officers to the staff of its Local Police


  • The new officers joined the 24 members of the corps currently in charge of security in the municipality

The Local Police of San Fulgencio has recently increased its staff thanks to the incorporation of two new officers, from the employment pool constituted after the selection process carried out by the City Council of Catral. The officers join the 24 members that currently make up the local police force of the municipality.

The mayor and head of the Department of Security, José María Ballester, along with the chief commissioner, Cristóbal Rodríguez, have welcomed and congratulated both agents at the time of their takeover at Town Hall. The mayor stressed “their responsibility to work for our town and protect our neighbours”, while noting his commitment “to continue to gradually expand our staff to ensure the safety of our citizens, as well as more efficient and faster interventions in the event of an emergency”.