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Pet registration in the municipal census



The Animal Department of the San Fulgencio Town Council is launching a campaign to register pets in the municipality. In this sense, the Municipal Ordinance of Citizen Coexistence, in its article 77, indicates that “ALL OWNERS OF PETS IN THIS MUNICIPALITY ARE REQUIRED TO IDENTIFY THEM (MICROCHIP) AND REGISTER THEM AT THE TOWN HALL OF SAN FULGENCIO”.

The aim of this campaign is to promote respectful coexistence among all residents by informing them of the rights and duties of pet owners, as well as updating the pet census.

This campaign is initially aimed at owners of dogs, cats and ferrets living in San Fulgencio. To register in the municipal census, it will be necessary to go to the Town Hall, from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. The following documentation must be provided: